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Baelgun Small Guild Alliance

Welcome to the homepage of the Baelgun Small Guild Alliance (BSGA).  The BGSA is an alliance of smaller guilds in the universe of World of Warcraft on the Baelgun server.  

Problem: Many small guild are created by friends and they have an impossible time recruiting strong recruits for the types of events that larger guilds can perform.  Many of the larger guilds set such strong requirements on how often you have to do this or that.  Many smaller guilds are run on a more casual basis.

The Solution: An alliance of all these smaller guilds.  How does this work?  All the alliance guilds use in-game addons that make it possible to talk to each other.  When a guild alliance members talks in guild chat, they are communicating with the entire network of small guilds.  

This gives many more opportunities for:
  • Interesting Conversation
  • Help with a quest
  • Questions about the game
  • Sharing resources (Asking about gems, or materials)
  • Finding leveling groups 
  • Finding groups for random dungeons
  • Organizing larger raids for end-game content
By a guild joining the guild alliance, you also keep the benefits of having your small guild.  You still run it the way you want, you still have your own officers, you still manage your guild bank the way you want to.

We feel it is a win-win for any smaller guild.

If are interested in joining the Baelgun Small Guild Alliance, please check out our membership page. 
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